“I have just barely started, and this is a game changer for me ! I did not know that my small Sony a5000 would be capable of shots I always wanted”Dariusz
“I’ve been looking for photography tutorials for a long time and they’re always so fast-paced, in-your-face or disingenious. The videos you are doing are absolutely fantastic! Very clear explanations, love that you bring in photos you’ve taken and explain why and how. The audio quality is also superb, I feel like I’m in the room with you haha. Keep it up and thank you!”Bjørn Zeiler
“What an amazing intro. I’ve already learned quite a bit. There are a lot of beautiful and articulate explanations. I look forward to watching on. Thank you for taking the time to do this and free to boot. Forever grateful.!”Kasey Przybysz


~Hi, I’m Phillip Haumesser

I started taking photos in late 2015 after my wife told me she wanted better photos of the kids. She bought me a camera for my birthday and I became obsessed with learning everything photography since then. Click HERE to read more of my story. And click HERE to see more of my work.

It was a real struggle for me starting out not knowing anything at all. But after months and years of teaching myself by watching YouTube videos and experimenting, I decided I wanted to start teaching others so they didn’t have to go through all of the guess work that I did.

That is why I created this free course.


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