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Hello, my name is Phillip Haumesser, I am an award winning natural light photographer. My passion is capturing the magic and curiosity of my children in their everyday lives. In doing so I’ve¬†acquired a great deal of knowledge in composition, natural lighting and editing in Photoshop and Lightroom. I’ve decided to start teaching everything I know in the best way that I can. On this website I have a portfolio my work as well as paid and free tutorials that are designed to make you a better photographer. So if you’re new to photography or just getting started, you are probably asking the question, “so where do I start?”. Well, you can start by subscribing to my news letter so you can download my free getting started course! Sign up below! Also, check out my tutorials page, I have a lot of free tutorials there.

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  • Course includes:

    1. The Basics of Photoshop, 11:00 Minuets

    2. The Basics of Lightroom, 16:00 Minuets

    3. Advanced Compositing in Photoshop, a complete edit of my photo “Spring is in the Air”. 46:00 Minuets

    4. Printable Manual Mode Cheat Sheet

A $250 value, yours free when you sign up!

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