All Things Manual


Are you ready to master the art of shooting in manual?

All Things Manual is a photography course that will walk you through the process of shooting using the manual settings. When you start shooting in manual you will unlock the full potential of your camera.

Start capturing the photos you want!

Watch at your own pace and at your convenience. Each video is bite size because I know your time is valuable. Also, you have Lifetime Access to the course so you don’t have to feel rushed to go through it.

Course length is: 1 Hour 31 Minutes



The videos are hosted by Vimeo. If you are in a country that has blocked Vimeo, then you will not be able to take this course.  

You will need an interchangeable lens camera that can switch to manual to be able to implement what is taught in this course.

This is not a physical product. The videos are streamed from this page. Once you purchase this course, you have lifetime access. 

Please contact me here if you have any questions!


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Do You Feel Like You Have a Nice Camera and Lens But You’re Not Getting the Photos You Want?

This is the course for you! We start from the very beginning which is where I started. We will talk about cameras and lenses and all of their important settings and what they do.

Don’t be afraid of getting lost in all of the tech talk, I teach in plain English and I make it easy for you to understand so even the newest of newbies can start here. 😉

The Pros Shoot in Manual

The pros want to have full control over their cameras, that’s why they shoot using the manual settings.

Capture the Photo

Before editing a great photo, you have to capture one first. That’s what this course is all about. The goal of this course is to help you to understand and master the manual settings of the camera and lens so you can get the best photo straight out of the camera.

Don’t Be Scared

Most people are scared to switch to manual because they are afraid that they will miss the shot or look unprofessional during a session. But the truth is if you’re not using the manual settings you are severely underutilizing the power of your camera and lens.

Shooting in Manual

After you take this course you will understand how to capture the photos that you have in your mind by harnessing the power of the manual settings and become confident when you’re shooting.

What’s in the Course

There are 17 videos in the course including:


  • Why shoot in manual
  • About cameras
  • Why or why not to shoot in RAW
  • About lenses

Manual Settings

  • The exposure triangle
  • Aperture
  • Shutter speed
  • ISO
  • How I choose my settings

Extra Tips

  • White Balance
  • How to focus manual like a pro

Live Sessions

Shooting Outside
  • Pine Forest Live Session
  • At the Library Live Session
  • In the Front Yard Live Session
Shooting Inside
  • On a hardwood floor Live Session
  • By a window Live Session
  • On a piano Live Session
  • Conclusion

Course length is: 1 Hour 31 Minutes


Q: Does the course come on a disk?
A: Unfortunately no due to copyright issues. You will be streaming the course from this very page once you purchase.
Q: I already took your free course, why do I need to take this one?
A: In my free course I touch on the very basics of shooting in manual. In this course, I go much deeper and into more depth in all things manual.
Q: Why do I need to learn how to shoot in manual?
A: Because when you learn to shoot in manual, you unlock the full potential of your camera and lens. The auto algorithm in the camera will never know what kind of photo you’re trying to take, therefore you will not get the results you want.
Q: Do you show the editing process of the photos you take in this course?
A: No, this course primarily focuses on capturing the photos using the manual settings. However, I will have an extension to this course where I go over my entire editing process on the photos from this course in the future.
Q: Does this course teach lighting?
A: Short answer, no, I don’t go over lighting in this course. This course is focused primarily on shooting in manual. However, I do go over the three exposures which will help you to understand light better.
Q: Will you teach how you edit your photos in this course?
A: No. This course is focused primarily on shooting in manual. You need to capture a good photo before you can edit it
Q: Will I have to have prior photography experience to take or understand this course?
A: No. This course will be taught from a beginners perspective where I explain everything in an easy to understand non-technical plain English way. Beginners and photographers looking to grow their photography knowledge will benefit from this course.
Q: Will this course teach me about RAW files?
A: Yes. I go over what a RAW file is and why or when to use them or not use them.
Q: I’m a visual learner. Will there be real live examples in this course?
A: Yes. After I teach the fundamentals of shooting in manual I will show you some real examples both inside and outside.
Q: My photos never look like they’re in focus. Will this course teach me to get better focus?
A: Yes. I will teach you everything I know to get a nice sharp focus.
Q: Will this course teach me about cameras and lenses?
A: Yes. I will teach you everything I know about what I think is important to look for in a camera and how to understand lenses.
Q: Will this course show me how to capture fast-moving subjects with a manual focus lens?
A: Yes. I will teach you and have some examples of how to capture fast moving subjects with manual focus lenses.
If you have any questions about this course please contact me HERE.
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